The Cock Tavern Heritage Pub is a descendent by continuous licence from an old 18th century Coaching Inn located in the heart of Main Street, Swords.

In the Middle Ages Swords was famous for the quality of its Inns and it is from the late medieval period that we first find in medieval English historic mention of ‘Ye Signe of Ye Cock’, which later became The Cock Tavern.

In the 18th century, The Cock Tavern was a very important Coaching Inn complete with farrier’s yard and stables that enabled coach passengers to disembark for refreshments or indeed to sojourn overnight as the densely wooded areas from River Valley to The Naul then harboured some of Ireland’s most notorious highwaymen.

Today the Cock Tavern has rededicated itself to preserving this unique historic legacy by declaring itself a genuine ‘Heritage Pub’.

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